About Pro Wrestling Crate

Pro Wrestling Crate was founded by Jake & Derek , the guys behind the limited edition wrestling t-shirt site TopRopeTuesday.com, and WWE Hall-of-Famer Mick Foley. In late 2016, the company was sold to the creators of ProWrestlingTees.com .

Pro Wrestling Tees, is a wrestling apparel company that allows hundreds of retired and independent wrestlers to sell merchandise to wrestling fans. With the acquisition of Pro Wrestling Create, they are able to bring their expertise and connections to create amazing exclusive membership boxes for wrestling fans all over the world.

The aim of Pro Wrestling Crate is to work with the biggest personalities in professional wrestling to curate original and limited edition collectibles, shirts, and merchandise that can't be found anywhere else. Each month, we work directly with wrestlers and bring you some of the greatest items you never thought you wanted until they’re delivered to your door.

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